Android 12 News: New information about Android 12 continues to come every day. Now, the game-oriented features of the new update have been announced.


New information about Android 12, which was implicitly introduced at the Google I/O 2021 event, continues to be announced every day. Today, details about the game mode of the new Android version were shared. It seems that Google will begin to give more importance to mobile games this year. So, what will the new mode offer players?

Google is trying to significantly improve Android 12 for gamers. In particular, the waiting time for the game to start has been minimized. The new update will offer Play While Downloading, which will allow you to launch the game before it is fully loaded. Google claims that the innovation will allow games to open in “seconds”. Tests reveal that games can be launched right after the download starts.

You will be able to play the game while downloading with Android 12

Google on the subject; “The install button will have a lightning bolt icon letting you know when you can start playing while the background resources are being downloaded. The play button will pop up when it reaches 18 percent on a 127MB download. You will be able to start playing when a part of the game is downloaded.” made a statement.

Android 12 will offer a game board with options that can come in handy while playing games. At the top of the screen will be several buttons, each of which is responsible for taking screenshots, activating Do Not Disturb mode, recording gameplay and a frame rate counter. If you want, you can start posting the game on YouTube and view the achievements. The new feature will arrive on a number of devices later this year.

Google also introduced the Android Game Developer Kit for building and optimizing Android games. With new APIs, gamers will be able to optimize their games by prioritizing battery life (Battery Saver) or highest frame rates (Performance). The first company to use these new features of Google after the Pixel family is expected to be Samsung.


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