Android 12 will come with a new feature that will not only support dark and light mode, but also the overall color of the site will vary according to the wallpaper.

One of the main innovations in the pre-release Android 12 for developers is the expansion of design options for the operating system. In particular, the appearance of the system and third-party apps will change depending on the theme, which can be set to the main color of the background image.

Although this functionality wasn’t available in the first release yet, some developers have shown how all this will work on Android 12. Last month, it was reported that Google is working on new themes that can be configured manually or automatically based on the wallpaper loaded. The developer, alias Kdrag0n, shared screenshots showing how this function works in automatic mode.

It can also affect third party applications
The images show that the new design system, codenamed “monet”, chose the base color of the installed background image and adjusted Android accordingly. Changes have been applied to the notification panel, quick settings, buttons, menu sliders and other elements of the operating system. It should also be noted that third party applications will also be colored according to the theme.

The new feature works well in Android 12 Developer Preview 1, but not all users can enable it. The developers state that this feature will be further enhanced for full functionality. It’s currently unclear when Google will roll out custom wallpaper-based themes for users, but it looks like this feature will be available in the first beta version of Android 12, scheduled for release in May.


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