Over the years, the Android platform has once again won the competition between Android and iOS. Android prevailed at 5G download speed.


Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile operating systems today, have appeared on both phones and tablets. The fact that iOS devices are expensive and Android devices are widespread are constantly discussed until today, and this area continues to compete. Although it is sometimes annoying that iPhone phones take part in sales without losing value, they have constantly received positive feedback with the perfect experience. While the Android platform, which is the most used mobile operating system today, continues to spread around the world day by day, millions of users are currently waiting for the new version of the operating system.

As we mentioned, both operating systems have been competing between each other for many years. In addition to different versions every year, the operating systems that are the subject of our news with various security updates are currently referred to as the newest technology, 5G. While phones with 5G technology continue to take their places in the market one by one, an interesting detail has emerged today.


Android Slap iPhone at 5G Download Speed

Openignal, the mobile networks analysis company, once again demonstrated the success of the Android operating system in its new report. According to the published report, the operating system easily outperformed iPhone phones with 5G download speeds in the USA. According to the details, the 12 series, which is the first iPhone model with 5G technology, is now well behind the 5G Android phones on the market, and we can even say that it follows its competitor remotely. In the report, it is stated that the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G has reached 56.0Mbps in opensignal tests and is the best phone model in this field.


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