With the new project that will start on Google Play, how the applications behave on the device will be determined and the downloads will be made faster in the next period.

It is a known fact that as the hardware of mobile devices improves, the size of the applications grows many times over. In this respect, there is a constant RAM and storage race. Google has started a new project to prevent this explosion.

Application installation optimization
In the new project called application installation optimization, when an application is opened for the first time after installation, which components are used will be determined and optimization will be made accordingly. The more users participate in this project, the better an application will be X-rayed.

The new initiative, which can be accessed from the Settings section of the Google Play application, does not collect any data except for the use of the application. In this respect, it is not a situation to worry about. Google urges everyone to participate in this project.

Following the optimizations made by Google, it aims to get results in the form of faster downloading of applications, shortening of opening times and more efficient use of system resources.

It is not yet clear what kind of solutions Google will produce, but solutions can be offered in the form of downloading the most used components of an application first and automatically downloading other components when desired. The optimization feature will be available with Google Play 24.5.13 release.


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