With the new update to the Android Fast Pair fast pairing interface, there are now large information cards from the bottom of the screen. So it will attract the attention of the user.

The explosion of full wireless headset models in the last few years has made it necessary to optimize the operating systems. Although each brand has its own matching software, Google’s Fast Pair interface provides a good alternative.

New update has arrived
Fast Pair software, which was launched in 2017, directs the user to the installation with a notification alert after starting the new headset. After the user clicked the notification, the matching and setup steps were starting.

With the new update, a routing screen like we see in the iOS operating system now welcomes us. A larger information card with a headphone picture comes out at the bottom and this card has the Pairing button. After the user has matched, they can continue with the Setup steps if they wish.

With the new design, it will not be possible for the user to miss the installation steps. In addition, the battery indicator and the small notification screen will continue to appear in case of reconnection of an existing device.


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