Android Nearby Share, which offers file sharing between Android phones, has begun testing its revolutionary feature. AirDrop will cry.


Google has begun testing two new functions for Android’s built-in file sharing feature called Android Nearby Share. If the test goes well, users will soon be able to share files not only with their contacts but also with any nearby Android smartphone, as well as with multiple devices at the same time.

Nearby Sharing was first made available on Android in August 2020 last year. This feature then received an update that allows users not only to share files, documents, and photos, but also to share apps and updates directly from the Play Store.

Google is currently reportedly trying to add two new functions for this feature. These will be the ability to share with anyone nearby and transfer files to a group of devices.

Currently, users can only share with their contacts and not with any random Android phone nearby. To circumvent this, Google may switch to a temporary feature that will allow Sharing Soon with anyone nearby for 5 minutes. From now on, Nearby Sharing will be limited to Contacts only.

The second skill will be Group transfer, which is reported by Twitter user @MishaalRahman and said to be in the testing phase. According to Mishaal Rahman, it will allow users to connect to 4 different devices, but transfer files to only one device at a time.


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