As you know, with the version of Android 10, Google gave up the names of cake and dessert and decided to name it with normal numbers like master. But it seems like Google can’t get rid of its old habits. XDA Developers revealed that a version called Android Snow Cone is being worked on. Well, what would that be?



This nomenclature revealed by XDA Developers is actually nothing more than Android 12. Google has named the new version sweet within the company. The main innovations of this version, have also emerged today.

Picture in Picture mode will have shortcuts like pinch to zoom the video and double click to enlarge it with its new feature. In this way, users will be able to position the visual in the PiP as they wish. Users will also be able to store videos next to the screen. During this cloaking, 2/3 of the video will be off screen.

Android Bubbles, a descendant of Facebook’s Chat Heads, is getting some UI improvements. This interface will feature a new shrink animation, smoother expand and collapse animations, and smoother transition between bubbles. In landscape mode, the mod balloons will be arranged vertically on the left and right instead of taking up valuable space at the top of the narrow screen. Bubbles can also be resized.

Finally, Google is bringing the App Pairs familiar from Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Fold to Android 12. This will allow users to launch two apps simultaneously in split screen mode.

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