Matt Reeves’ Batman project raised expectations well with actors such as Robert Pattinson and Andy Serkis, and Corona was upset by being among the projects that were left unfinished due to the virus. The director, who attracted attention with films such as War of the Planet Apes and Let Me In, also came to know that Batman will be darker and heavier compared to other productions. Serkis, who will play Alfred in the movie, confirmed this news in a recent interview and made remarks about the film.

In an interview with LADBible, Serkis asserted that Matt Reeves’ Batman would have a weight that would surpass even Christopher Nolan’s Batman; it also made Alfred have a different and more central role in the movie. Stating that the strong link between Bruce Wayne and Alfred is at the center of the story, the actress also praised Reeves’ abilities, which was also behind the script.

Regarding The Batman, whose shooting was stopped almost halfway, Reeves has stated in an earlier interview that we will watch a movie about how Batman is Batman. You can watch the test video, which is the only image we have at the moment, about the movie, which we feel will focus on more character psychology than the previous movies.


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