Anker GaN Nano II new generation charging adapters have the capacity to charge even MacBook Pro models at full speed, while also managing to minimize overheating.

Anker, one of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to mobile charging technologies, is expanding its GaN-based products. This week, second generation and smaller GaN Nano series charging adapters were introduced.

Anker GaN Nano II features and price

GaN (Gallium Nitride) based chargers, which are shown as the technology of the future, can be in much smaller sizes, as well as being stronger, and can withstand more temperature than typical chargers.

Anker has been working on GaN technology for several years and introduced its first adapters in 2018. The second generation GaN Nano II charging adapters come in slightly smaller sizes and with a more optimized energy management.

Anker PowerIQ 3.0 technology sets the most optimal energy values ​​according to the connected device, while the operating frequency is increased by 20 percent. Thus, it heats less and provides energy efficiency. It fills up MacBook models very quickly by category. All adapters in the series are the same in size, but have shrunk up to 59 percent compared to the previous generation.

The 30W model supports Samsung Super Fast and can charge MacBook Air. The price is $ 30. The 45W option expands coverage with products such as the MacBook Pro 13 and Surface Book 2. Its price is $ 36. The 65W option can charge more powerful laptops. The price is $ 40.


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