The new documentary of Netflix, the world’s most popular video streaming service, was announced and a trailer was released. The documentary is called Night Stalker: Catching a Serial Killer.

Netflix, which has many serial killer or murder case documentaries, continues this series with a new one: “Night Stalker: Catching a Serial Killer”.

The series whose trailer was shared recently, Night Stalker: Catching a Serial Killer, will be a documentary-style series that focuses on the serial killer named Richard Ramírez. Richard Ramírez is a criminal nicknamed the Night Stalker, the Night Stalker, who committed murders, raped and stolen between 1984 and

You can also find the provincial trailer shared for the production, which will be released on Netflix on January 13th. The trailer has subtitles. LOCK YOUR DOORS. Night Stalker: Catching a Serial Killer is on Netflix on January 13th. Witness the story of one of the most terrifying serial killers in American history, a true monster who brought life to a halt in California.


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