New information has emerged about the iPad Pro model with OLED screen, which Apple will announce in the coming years.If you remember, it was claimed in the previously shared reports that Apple will announce an iPad model with a mini LED screen in 2021.

Today, important information about Apple’s future plans was shared. With the shared information, it was claimed that the company will appear before users with the OLED screen iPad Pro model in 2022.

For now, no detailed explanation has been made regarding the features of the OLED screen iPad Pro model. However, according to the latest shared reports, it is stated that the OLED screen of the 2022 model iPad Pro will be produced by Samsung and LG.

In addition, it is stated that the panel of this screen, which will be produced by Samsung for Apple, will be called UT (Ultra Slim) and LG will be called ATO (Advanced Slim OLED). Speaking to SamMobile on the subject, a Samsung official also points out that the UT panels will be supplied to Apple in 2022.

In the same report, it is especially emphasized that LG will begin to supply ATO panels to iPad models by 2023.

Mini LED Screen iPad Model Be Released First
It is claimed that Apple, which is said to switch to OLED display panel in iPads in 2022, will first introduce iPad models with mini LED screens in 2021 during this transition period.

In addition, in another report, it is among the shared reports that Apple will include OLED display panel in high-end iPad models and mini LED screen technology in affordable iPad models in the coming years.


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