An application launched on the App Store that uses machine learning techniques automatically hides faces captured in photos and videos, even if they are crowd records. Called Anonymous Camera, the novelty performs the action directly on the device on which it is installed and does not save any information in the cloud, according to its description page. For now, it is only available for iOS.

Several “masks” can be used if the objective is to preserve the identity of other people, such as yellow circles, noise or blurs. In the case of more advanced devices, from the iPhone XS, hiding entire bodies is also an option.

Among the features of Anonymous Camera, the ability to remove metadata from files is highlighted, making it more difficult to reverse engineer third parties to identify information such as location, date and time of capture.

More features

The free version includes a watermark on the records, which can be removed with the purchase of the Pro version for $ 1.99. In this version, users also determine whether they want to make only part of the photo or video anonymous or if they want everything to be camouflaged.

According to Playground.AI, developer of the application, this is the ideal tool for journalists, whistleblowers, researchers and activists who wish to register confidential information, protecting themselves and their sources. The company also points out that this is a solution for maintaining the right to privacy. If you want to check out the news, just click here.


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