Anonymous message after the falls of Facebook and Instagram. The group of hackers spoke on Twitter about the problem with both social networks.

This afternoon, Facebook and Instagram fell and users were unable to navigate these social networks as they normally do, many seeking answers; however, Anonymous ruled on this topic via Twitter .

“I wonder what is happening with Facebook and Instagram . #TangoDown ” , reads the publication of the group of hacker activists.

Anonymous also asked his followers to take time off this fall from both social networks to chat with their loved ones in this quarantine of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

“To those people crying as if facebook/instagram is real life: stfu and read a book. those networks are only made to harvest you. they are free because you sell your entire life on these platforms. ” read Twitter.

As it is remembered, users have reported through their Twitter accounts that the applications of the American Mark Zuckerberg did not work correctly.

Many had difficulty sending messages, photos and videos through Messenger , nor did they make publications. While on Instagram the images did not load and direct messages were not sent either.

Millions of people use these two social networks, either to work, distract themselves or communicate with loved ones. Precisely, in this quarantine is when the traffic increased the most due to the fact that users are entertained with the content that is published on Facebook and Instagram .


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