The international group of hackers known to carry out activism during social problems “Anonymous “, published in the last hours a video protesting the murder of African-American George Floyd , in addition to promising to dismantle and expose the network of police corruption in the United States. .

According to several international media, the video went viral through Twitter, but it was deleted moments after the YouTube video platform.

In the video of just over a minute, Anonymous shows his position regarding the most recent police abuse in the United States, in which George Floyd, an African-American citizen, died after being arrested and subjected to great force by the police last Monday.

Anonymous is known internationally for promoting cyber attacks against government agencies and institutions, as a form of protest.

In the statement Anonymous promises to dismantle and expose the network of police corruption across the United States. The death of Floyd, 46, has shocked the country and produced violence in many cities in the United States. Police chiefs and police unions have described the scene as unjustifiable and abuse of force. The agent was charged with murder and fired.


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