Digital Fire: Anonymous Warns of Massive Attack on US Servers. The hacktivist group confirmed in networks the great DDoS attack on the largest operators in the North American country.

This Monday, June 15 , the largest telephone companies in the United States are suffering the drop in their services for long hours, adding to the recent drop in Facebook services and the hacktivist group Anonymous has warned of a major DDoS attack against servers. from the country.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile users have reported that they cannot make calls or send text messages due to a drop in national service from their telemarketers.

DownDetector shows the country’s heat focus.

T-Mobile chief technology officer Neville Ray acknowledged his company’s cuts in a statement on Twitter. “Our engineers are working to solve a voice and data problem that has been affecting customers across the country,” the executive tweeted. “We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to fix it shortly.”

While this was happening, the hacktivist group Anonymous started tweeting about it.

First, they reported that the drop in services was one of the largest DDoS attacks on the country’s networks. This can be seen in the following digital map of attacks in the world:

Then they mentioned that Facebook, Instagram and Twitch are also having problems in the United States . “Obviously we need a new decentralized internet,” they reflect as they celebrate that Twitter has not fallen . It should be remembered that this social network is the only one that has been contrary to the opinions of Donald Trump, American president.

In another tweet, they mention that the sources of the attack are unknown, but they suspect China: “The source of the DDoS attack in the United States is currently unknown. We speculate that it may be China, as the situation between South Korea and North Korea is currently deteriorating. ”

What is a DDoS attack?

We are talking about a “Denial of Service Attack”, a traditional network saturation strategy with a connection overhead directed at a single point . It’s almost like all the cars in a city try to enter the same road at the same time.

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The objective of a DDoS is to “knock down” a service due to the over demand of connection requests, and associating this with a chain of redundant elements that may compromise, in some way, the stability of the network . In this case, the operators seem to have been the most affected and, in the absence of service, social networks began to generate failure reports.

In this type of attack the use of bots is recurrent, different global IP connections redirected to a single target. Almost always, a connection used for these practices has been previously violated to take control of the traffic and redirect it with commands.

There are still no confirmations that this is one of the largest DDoS attacks against the country. But the note will be updated with confirmed information in the following minutes.


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