Apple, introducing the new iPhone SE 2020 by ending the three-year wait on April 15, is currently showing a very successful sales performance with the iPhone 11. While it attracts many people in our country due to the price increase in flagships, the eyes are already turned into the iPhone 12 series.

Many claims have been made to date that the exit of iPhone 12 will be delayed due to the Corona virus. The last report we shared with you stated that even if it was promoted in September, it would be sold gradually.

iPhone 12 production will be delayed by one month
The same issue is mentioned in the report published today by the Wall Street Journal. Due to the impact of the outbreak on suppliers and the production line, it is seen that there will be a one-month delay in iPhone 12 production. The information shared about the model is the same. Apple is expected to introduce four new iPhone models, and screen sizes are expected to be 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches.

New iPhones have been introduced in September for years. However, the production of the devices begins in the summer, so users start receiving the devices at the end of September. Mass production will start in the July – September period due to delay, according to WSJ. In this context, users will have to wait a little longer to have new iPhones or have stock problems.

This is not the first time to happen. The iPhone X, introduced in September 2017, was unable to arrive in stores until November due to production problems. The iPhone XR, which was introduced in September 2018, was able to reach stores in October due to problems in LCD screen production.


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