Following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s case against Ripple, crypto market maker B2C2 stopped trading XRP with US counterparties on Thursday.

XRP has been delisted

B2C2, one of the largest market makers in the crypto market, operates in the USA through B2C2 USA. Launched in 2019, the unit interacted with B2C2’s counterparties in the USA. In a note this week, customers warned that the firm “could do more trading related transactions on XRP products.”

The company said at the time, “We will notify customers of future developments immediately.” US customers now have until Thursday.

The move follows similar actions by trading firms such as Galaxy Digital and Jump Trading that stop XRP market makers.

SBI Holdings, which announced its acquisition of B2C2 earlier this month, has a unique relationship with XRP and Ripple. SBI is one of Ripple’s leading investors and was involved in the firm’s $ 200 million Series C fundraising tour.


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