Asset management firm BlackRock looks set to step into Bitcoin (BTC). According to an announcement on its website, the company is looking for a blockchain-based vice president in New York. The manager will be responsible for BlackRock’s request for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related products.


According to the job offer, candidates must have 4 years of experience in a similar or related position. Additionally, they must have at least six years of experience in key areas: technology and risk analysis, be able to form and evaluate business strategies, evaluate business models, and structure financial transactions in debt, equity, and other financial derivatives.

The blockchain custodian that BlackRock is looking for should combine the above with a high level of expertise implementing the “technological fundamentals of blockchain”, hash functions, distributed consensus mechanisms, private key cryptography, governance models based on blockchain technology.

Additionally, the company requires the employee in this field to work on the design of 4 key dimensions in the development of a blockchain network: scalability, speed, privacy and security according to the announcement.

BlackRock following the wave of Bitcoin (BTC) adoption

The job posting is considered “massively uptrend” for Bitcoin adoption. With $ 7 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock is one of the largest investment companies in the world, and its entry into the crypto market could bring huge amounts of new capital from investors looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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As reported by CNF, in early December, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink made positive statements about the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. In an interview with former Bank of England President Mark Carney, Fink said:

(…) Bitcoin has captured the attention and imagination of many people. Could Bitcoin become a global market? Probably. [Bitcoin] is still untested, a fairly small market compared to other markets. You see these huge movements every day.

On the weekly and monthly charts, BTC recorded gains of 15.21% weekly and 58.09% monthly, respectively, with a market cap exceeding half a trillion dollars for the first time in its history.


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