The coronavirus epidemic, which caused people to become more frightened with its spread all over the world, caused many activities to be canceled. One of them was the Mobile World Congress, which was one of the biggest technology fairs for a short time. Now it has been announced that one more event has been canceled due to the Corona virus. According to these explanations, SXSW 2020 cannot be performed due to the corona virus.

SXSW 2020 stuck on corona virus barrier
The SXSW conference, held annually for 34 years, brings together many industries. Particularly bringing together representatives of the technology, entertainment and music industry, the conference hosted the Twitter CEO. However, the CEO of Twitter has announced that he will not be able to participate in this event. This was one of the situations that most affected cancellation. Many companies also refused to attend the conference.

One of the biggest reasons for the cancellation of the event is the people of Austin. The public managed to convince the government that the event was not wanted with the signing campaign it launched.

This decision was reported from SXSW’s official Twitter account. It was also mentioned that options such as organizing the event at a later date or performing it online are evaluated.

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