Musician rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams, professionally known as Meek Mill, wrote the same thing Elon Musk wrote in his Twitter bio yesterday in his last tweet: Bitcoin.



It looks like Mill changed this Twitter bio after he was impressed by Musk’s adoption of crypto. However, at the time of writing, he seems to have changed his biography.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are popular with US rappers

Rappers have recently become more active in adopting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. What started as an experiment has now reached a wide audience, with Bitcoin growing and taking other crypto markets with it.

Meek Mill seems to be the last famous person to enter the Bitcoin space. His page features a retweet of a message posted by Cameron Winklevoss, in which he mentions β€œthe rise of BTC, DOGE and GME, AMC shares”.

Other rappers commenting on the flagship cryptocurrency and announcing its investment include 50 Cent, Lil Pump, Soulja Boy (not just Bitcoin but other altcoins including XRP), Barson Jones, and Grammy winner T.I. there are names like.


BTC rose in a single day, fell in a single day

On Friday, the major cryptocurrency surged 20 percent from the $ 32,000 limit to over $ 38,000 in a few hours in a single action by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. All he did was add Bitcoin to his Twitter bio. In addition, the tweet he posted after this move was the “inevitable in retrospect” tweet; It was handled as a confession of adopting Bitcoin and registered on the blockchain.

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There has been a quick correction in the bitcoin price and at the time of writing it is trading at around $ 34,000.


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