It is clear that Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is currently in its alpha version, will be updated with real world navigation data every 28 days. Previously, players had to subscribe to different services for this data.

We have recently told you that some new visuals have appeared from Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now, a new developer video about the game has been released and this video shows how detailed the in-game flight navigation systems are prepared.

The most striking point at this point is that the game will directly pull real-world navigation information every 28 days to update the flights. Lovers of flight simulations had to use third party services for this feature.

Real navigation information

In the latest Feature Discovery Series video, which you can watch from above, Damien Cuzaco, the game’s designer, said, “Just like in the real world, this data is updated every 28 days with the official AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control, Aviation Information Editing and Control) cycle. This includes waypoints, airport checkpoints, non-directional beacons, communication frequencies, locators, controlled and restricted airspaces, standard device departure routes and standard arrival routes. ”

All of this data that Microsoft uses in its game is provided by the flight operations software company NAVBLUE. So with Microsoft’s focus on realism, Microsoft Flight Simulator will have a very authentic navigation system.

As we said before, players who love flight simulations had to subscribe to separate services such as Navigraph and pay fees to access these details. However, Microsoft saved all of its players from such a challenge by including all this in its new game.


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