A new headphone that will be presented with an AirPods-like design after many different brands comes from OnePlus. The headset, which has been encountered for a while with different leaks regarding its features and release date, has come up with a design leak today. The AirPods-like OnePlus wireless headphone design has become almost clear!

OnePlus wireless headphone design like AirPods has become clear!
OnePlus recently introduced a neck-strap wireless headset model. Faced with the criticism that it lags behind the new generation technology after the introduction, the company is now preparing to launch a completely wireless AirPods-like headset. The headset, which has been coming out for a while with its release date and some feature claims, is still here today with its design.

Known for his accurate leaks, Twitter user Max J. shared an image that OnePlus claimed was the expected wireless headset design. Along with the image, similarity claims of the wireless headset, which is claimed to be similar to Apple’s AirPods, have been confirmed.

The AirPods-like OnePlus wireless headset design is almost clear, but its features are not yet clear. It is thought that the design details of the headphone visual, which we encounter with a simple sketchy drawing, will be more detailed in the coming days. There was also an emphasis on July in the leaked image.

In addition to the design of the wireless headset, which is likely to be released in July, we will see together whether it can be compared with AirPods. There is no clear information yet on what the name of the device will be.


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