Kelly Lee Owens, one of the most memorable names of 2017 with her debut album in Dream Pop, Electronica and Techno, has released her new album Inner Song, Melt! He announced it with his singlet. Now, one more has been added to those singles.

Finally, he released his single Luminious Spaces, which he recorded with Jon Hopkins in November, and Melt! He drew attention to climate change. In pursuit of a more intrinsic journey this time in the new single Night, Owens talks about how feelings and insights for the song are more accessible and thin for us at night, so how we can connect our hearts with our true desires.

Owens named his new album inspired by Alan Silva’s free jazz album Inner Song: Pieces for Bass and Voice from 1972, Owens chose to cover the new song of Radiohead classics Arpeggi for the opening song of the album. we can listen in.


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