LaKeith Stanfield, which we know more about as a player, announced that he would enter the world of music under the pseudonym of Htiekal last March and the first album called Self Control. In addition to this announcement, Stanfield, who shared a single called Fast Life, released the second single of the album, Brids, as of today.

Stanfield, who appeared in productions such as Sorry to Bother You, Atlanta, Uncut Gems and finally Knives Out, preferred Htiekal, the inverted version of LaKeith, his first name for his musician identity. Giving a tiny interview to GQ about his debut album, Self Control, Stanfield said that the album is about “trying, struggling and getting through tough times.” he shared that. In the continuation of the interview, “Will your role friend in Atlanta be included in the album, Donald Glover?” As for the question, he replied, “Anything can happen at any time, be careful” and he likely approved a possible Donald Glover collaboration.

While there was no news from that front, the young talent who shared the second single of the album, Birds, explained that he wrote this song in the morning after he returned from the Sundance Film Festival, waking up in the sounds of birds. Stanfield, who also recorded videos with the mobile phone camera, did not spread a detail about the release date of the album.



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