Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, believes that all individuals in the cryptocurrency industry underestimate the role and potential of Bitcoin in the global financial market. On an episode of Real Vision with Raoul Pal, Pompliano revealed his final thoughts on Bitcoin.



Pomp: “The digital version of everything has gone beyond the analog version”

The CEO compared the future mass adoption of Bitcoin with the natural process of digitization of all assets and products, noting that the digital version of everything is always on top.

I think Bitcoin will be the next global reserve currency and I think every single person in the industry underestimates it. I believe that Bitcoin is not only the strongest currency we have seen in the world, but also the absolute top hunter in financial markets.

The reason I think this is because there is a main trend that most people in the financial industry do not understand, and this is because digital assets or digital products are superior to analog products and assets. So the tech industry is more suited to understanding this component, if you look, the store of value and exchange assets have historically been analogous, and then they have basically become these electronic CUSIP assets, which is only a small improvement in the analog version.

“Gold is scarce but unprovable, Bitcoin is scarce and provable”

Pomp says the internet is moving human society to a more evidence-based information environment that destroys the narrative of gold scarcity, and instead proves that Bitcoin is the true storehouse of scarce value.

If you say “Gold is scarce”, I want you to prove it, but you can’t. If I tell you “Bitcoin is scarce” and you say “Prove it” I can show you there are 21 million Bitcoins. I can show you the exact number of circulating supply. I can show you exactly the daily supply that comes to you. The reason this is so important is because gold is a narrative and Bitcoin is provable.


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