AnTuTu HarmonyOS News: Performance test application is supported by AnTuTu HarmonyOS. Now, the performance of phones working with HarmonyOS can also be measured.


As you know, Huawei is currently working on HarmonyOS, which is said to root Android. The news came today that HarmonyOS, which is an Android fork in essence, is quickly adapting to Android applications. Performance test application AnTuTu has released an update for HarmonyOS support.

Thanks to this support, the performance of Huawei phones with HarmonyOS can be measured. For now, there is no official statement from AnTuTu regarding the comparison of HarmonyOS with Android. As you know, the AnTuTu test uses a separate algorithm for each platform, and the comparison between platforms is not very stable and valid. However, as we just said, HarmonyOS is likely to be compared, as it is essentially an Android fork.

For those of you who don’t know, the AnTuTu app tests all aspects of phones, including UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I / O and more .. Each item is individually evaluated and a score is given. These scores are uploaded to the Antutu database and then used to compare your device among all the other listed devices.

After the AnTuTu news, we think that Android applications will be adapted for HarmonyOS quickly. We hope that giant platforms publish and continue to support their applications quickly. HarmonyOS 2.0, which will come with the Huawei P50 family, is expected to be available in China in the first place. Huawei, which will be cautious for the European market, will probably prefer Android in its new phones in this market.


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