The singer shared messages about abuse on social networks, they say that after that, she had at3nt @ do c0ntra her life. Aformer AOA member Kwon Mina was rushed to a hospital after she made public allegations of @ bus0.

As revealed, Mina may have suffered through her life after a strong depression for being abused. It was on social networks that the singer announced to those who made her [email protected]ño.

The messages implied that she would hurt herself, a situation that already kept her followers under al3rt @.

The young woman shared that within the band she suffered from different types of abuse by Jimin and her words made a deprivation more than evident .

Mina left what they determined a note made on social networks next to a photograph in which she observed how she damaged her wrists in order to kill herself.

Among the people she holds responsible for her departure, she points to Seolhyun, Jimin, and FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho.

Mina accused the company of not having paid her correctly and having done things to her that she is not even capable of telling; She added that she did not want to see them in her fun3r @ l and would at0rm3ntar them from there.


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