“Una nota su1c1da”, this is how her followers rated the words that the singer shared on social networks. Huge concern was caused by the news that Kwon Mina, a former AOA member, had been rushed to a hospital after attacking herself.

It was revealed that the famous woman shared a note where she accused some people of being responsible for her death and having caused her so much harm that she is not even able to say it.

Mina pointed out that it was painful to continue living and that she wanted to go to a happy place; These words were accompanied by an image in which it could be seen that she had given herself to her wrists.


I don’t want to leave without venting. Shin Jimin, Han Sung Ho, Kim Seolhyun, live well. My mother, my older sister and my family will cry through no fault of their own and without being able to do something about it. Compensate them a lot for the psychological damage, you are only interested in money. I was not even paid correctly, the contract was for 8 years and there was no breakdown of the payments owed to me from when I was illegally trainee and which amounts to 3 billion won (approximately $ 2,522,758.80).

The young woman pointed out that she felt very sad to continue living and only by leaving would she be in a happier place, she asked those responsible not to go to her funeral; These words al3rt @ ron the Internet users, who located the emergency services.

They did not respond to me when I tried to contact them, until the end, irresponsible people. To all the outsiders who criticized me without knowing how they treated me for 11 years, know well that these people are garbage to the point that I cannot even tell about everything they did, to the point of leading a sane person to death. It is very painful to be here, I just want to go to a happy place. (You) don’t come to my funeral, they gross me out. When I mu3 @ a, I will torment them all. I can’t live with this bad, okay? The singer continued.

Fortunately, emergencies arrived at Mina’s home on time and she was transferred to a hospital, where she is recovering favorably.


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