The Apex Legends release date for Nintedo Switch was officially announced at the end.Electronic Arts finally announced when the popular battle-royale game called Apex Legends will arrive on the Nintendo Switch platform.

The game, which was first announced in the summer of last year, will be released on March 9 on the hybrid console.

Season 8 of the Battle Pass for Apex Legends has also begun. In this sense, Switch players will have started the new season a little behind. On the other hand, those who decide to play the game on Switch will be given 30 free levels in the Battle Pass this season, and they will be able to earn double XP for the first two weeks after the game launches.

As with AAA games from third-party developers, EA doesn’t develop the Switch version of the game on its own. This version of the game is run by Panic Button, a studio well-known for Switch port versions. The company has already addressed Switch versions of the Rocket League and DOOM games, and has helped develop many other games across different platforms.

It is certain that Apex Legends will come as a medicine for those looking for a new team-based shooter on Switch. While the game is free to play, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is also not required. Additionally, there is support for cross-platform play.


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