Apex Legends, one of the innovative productions of the Battle Royale genre, will soon be released for smartphones and tablets with the Mobile tag.

The game will initially go through a beta testing process, limited to “only a few thousand players in India and the Philippines”.
There has been no new development about the mobile version of Apex Legends for a long time, but Apex Legends Mobile will be available in beta soon. EA announced that a regional beta for the game will begin this month. It was stated at the beginning that the game will only be offered to India and the Philippines, but the main plan is to spread the game to more countries throughout the year.

EA also shared some details about Apex Legends Mobile. The most important of this information is that the game will be a new version created directly for smartphones, not the Apex Legends port. “Apex Legends Mobile will be the most advanced battle royale game available on smart devices,” said Chad Grenier, game director of Apex Legends, in a blog post. In addition, the game was specially designed for touch screens with the controls we developed and the optimizations we made. ” found in the description. This statement also means that Apex Legends Mobile will not support cross-platform. And the mobile version will be available to players free of charge, as on the PC and console side.

Nowadays, the games that are very popular on PCs are also available on mobile devices. While Riot Games launched Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends, a few months ago, Piyonix is ​​working with Rocket League Sideswipe in a similar work to the PC game. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile continues to rise to become one of the most popular games in the world, exceeding 1 billion downloads. We will see together what Apex Legends Mobile can achieve in the coming months.

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