Google has announced that it has made a radical decision for Android. The APK file format will now be abandoned. So, what about the new format?


Google has announced a radical change for Android users and developers that could have a huge impact on the Android ecosystem as a whole. Currently, the standard format for publishing applications on the Google Play Store is called APK, as you know. But from August 2021, Google will require that all new Google Play apps be published using a new format, the Android App Bundle (AAB).

APK is gone AAB has arrived

As Google promised, the Android App Bundle format will reduce the size of apps. According to the information transferred, it is said that the applications will shrink by 15 percent thanks to the AAB. Reducing the size of the applications seems to come to the rescue of those who have storage problems.

However, this move by Google dealt a blow to Microsoft, which recently released the first test build of the Windows 11 operating system. Because in Windows 11, APK files were working as native. Microsoft’s job, which offers the opportunity to download Android applications from the Amazon application store, will become more difficult after this move of its rival Google.

There will probably be a closed-door deal between the two giants, and Android apps in AAB format will also work in the final version of Windows 11.

However, the requirement to use the Android App Bundle will only be enforced for new apps. According to Google, existing apps will be able to use APKs as well as custom apps published on Google Play but not shared. Google’s abandonment of APK may mark the beginning of a new era.

As you know, iOS applications are called IPA and cannot be installed outside the App Store without jailbreak. The fact that Android will switch to AAB may enable Android to make a decision in this direction in the future. In this way, the security of Android will be increased to the next level.


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