Park Gyuri ex-KARA revealed an apology after her name was discovered to be an artist who had visited a gay club in Itaewon who had been exposed to a COVID-19 patient.

On May 11, Gyuri’s agency Creative Kkot confirmed that the artist had visited the nightclub on the same day as a positive patient of COVID-19. However, the agency did not confirm the rumor that Gyuri did not wear a mask when entering the club.

The following statement from the Gyuri agency:

“I want to apologize for making everyone concerned. Park Gyuri pondered over his actions and once again apologized. He wore a mask from entry to exit, and when an article about a confirmed case was released, he visited the screening center before receiving a call from the district office and was immediately examined. He is currently in isolation after tests show negative [for viruses]. ”

Park Gyuri himself has also expressed his apologies for worrying fans:

“Hello, this is Park Gyuri. Despite all the reasons, I want to ponder and apologize for not following the rules that everyone must follow during the period of physical distancing.

I wore a mask since I entered it [the club] and continued wearing it until I left. On the day the article about the confirmed case came out, I immediately went to be examined, and I was tested negative [for viruses]. I am currently in self-isolation. Once again, I’m sorry.”


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