According to a new lawsuit filed against Apple, Apple receives commissions from money obtained through iTunes gift card fraud and does not return the money to its owners. It is stated that the fraud mentioned in the said case has a volume of 1 billion dollars.

Apple, one of the largest technology companies in the world, faces another lawsuit. In fact, with the resurgence of a fraud method that has existed for years, some Apple customers have started accusing the company of benefiting from the fraud.

If we need to explain the fraud in question before returning to the case; scammers are looking for victims they have cut into their eyes and say they have debts to the U.S. Revenue Administration that they can pay with this iTunes gift card. Believers, by purchasing an iTunes gift card, report their code to fraudsters and pay their debts (!).

“Pay your tax debt with an iTunes gift card”

According to the information conveyed, fraudsters have earned approximately 1 billion dollars (!) With this method. Apple is already involved in this issue exactly at this stage. Because Apple receives a 30 percent commission on every spend on iTunes. This means that $ 300 million of $ 1 billion of fraud has gone to Apple’s vault.

According to the victims of fraud who opened the case, Apple says it would not be able to cover all the losses to victims who reported the situation to them. Therefore, the plaintiffs accuse Apple of keeping a fraudulent income. Is there any possibility that Apple will return the full price they paid to the victims?

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As we mentioned above, Apple receives commission from 30 percent of expenses. Consequently, it can repay victims at least 30 percent of the money they have lost. However, according to Patently Apple’s report, Apple keeps the money for 4-6 weeks before transferring revenue from iTunes sales to developers. Consequently, there is an opportunity to return the full amount of money to the victims who informed him of the situation within this period.

Although “Pay your tax debt with an iTunes gift card” seems like a very simple trick, it has a fraud volume of $ 1 billion. Moreover, this method is not new and has been in use for several years. There is even a website that warns Apple customers about it.

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