He was brought to court for patent infringement on camera technologies he used in Apple smartphones. The company allegedly infringed five patents on purpose.

Apple faces a legal battle over Face ID and camera features it uses on iPhones. A lawsuit was filed against Apple in the US District Court in the West District of Texas for allegedly deliberate infringement of five patents by the company.

These technologies include functions that help users interact with the smartphone, such as unlocking, taking photos or videos. Plaintiff’s Dr. Gesture Technology Partners company founded by Timothy Pryor.

Dr. Pryor is said to be the sole inventor of the five patents under the lawsuit. Note that Apple has been accused of infringing intellectual property rights in a number of functions such as Face ID, Smart HDR, facial recognition in photos, and optical image stabilization.

Contacted Apple
The case also includes details that Pryor and Apple had previously collaborated. It was reported that the inventor applied to the company about the patents in question, but could not get any results from these attempts.

Dr. Timothy Pryor is seeking compensation from Apple for all damage he suffered due to infringement of his patents. He also wants compensation interest, attorneys’ fees and other legal costs to be paid.


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