Apple has agreed to pay $ 18 million to finalize the FaceTime case. While the technology giant was accused of irregularities in the FaceTime application, he agreed to conclude the case by paying a high fee. Here are the details.

Apple will pay $ 18 million for the FaceTime case!
The lawsuit filed in 2017 accused the company of knowingly making the FaceTime app unusable on iOS 6. The collective lawsuit, which claims that users are victimized by having to upgrade their devices to iOS 7, seems to result in the claimant’s favor.

Apple was paying third party software for the connection system it used on FaceTime servers throughout iOS 6. For this system, patented by a company called VirnetX, Apple began losing millions with increasing FaceTime users.

The company, who did not need third party software by switching to a new connection system with iOS 7, accused the iPhone 4 and 4S users of making FaceTime application unusable as a result of not wanting to upgrade their software from iOS 6.

Apple asked for the rejection of the collective lawsuit in 2017 because it was “a free application because its users have not suffered economic damage”, but these requests were not accepted. As a result, Apple has agreed to pay $ 18 million to finalize the case.

While Apple will pay $ 18 million, the payment for each of the collective lawsuit members will not exceed $ 3.

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