Apple AirPods 3 excited. Apple, one of the leaders of the technology world, may be preparing for a new launch.


Apple products, which opened the new iPad Pro model to pre-orders yesterday, were preparing to react with the price tags, while the prices of the products in Turkey also made headway. Announcing the new iPAd Pro as 11 inches and 12.1 inches, the company launched the tablet in our country with a price tag of more than 8000 TL. In addition to the new tablet model, the company, which will introduce different technological products in the coming period, continues to be the subject of our news with brand new developments. The company, which is the subject of our news with the new Apple AirPods 3 and Apple Music HIFI, can launch at any time.

As you know, the technology giant promotes smartphones and tablets every year, as well as its own headset model. When it comes to the company, even the headphones are burning pockets. While we have access to fresh information about the 2021 model headset model today, let’s also mention that the countdown for new products has begun.

Apple AirPods 3 to hit shelves in the coming weeks

The technology company, which introduced a series of various products with the Spring Loaded event last April, mentioned that AirPods 3 and Music HIFI will be on the shelves soon. While no clear date was given for the products during the event, various estimates came from some segments today. According to a report from Hits Double Daily, the company will suddenly announce the new headphone model in the coming weeks. In addition, the company will introduce a new Muısic HİFİ. This product will compete with the current Spotify HIF. The new headphones will look quite similar to the Pro models. The headset, whose design will be almost the same as the Pro models, will be announced as the third generation.

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