AirPods Max battery drain issue requires many users to charge their products every day.Apple AirPods Max users complain about the battery drain issue of their high-end headphones.

Complaining that the headset loses its battery charge overnight, users share that even if the battery level is 100 percent, AirPods Max dropped from full to 1 percent and even 0 percent. It is also reported that this problem occurs even with the earbuds placed in Apple’s official pouch that switches the earbuds to ultra-low power mode.

It is thought that issues are likely to start to occur after the firmware update was released on December 18, 2020. Additionally, it is stated that the AirPods Max battery drain does not occur when paired with an iPhone. The problem occurs when the headset is connected to Apple TV or a non-Apple device, according to the complaints. Some users have solved the problem by forcing the product to restart. Let’s underline that for this you have to hold down the Digital Crown and the noise control button until you see the orange light.

Another way to fix this battery drain problem is to reset AirPods Max to factory settings. This needs to be done by holding the Digital Crown and the noise control button until the status light turns white. Keep in mind that these are temporary fixes and if these methods don’t fix your problem, you should largely wait for Apple to release a software update in the coming days.

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