Technology giant Apple will pay a commission of half the subscription fee to those who provide connection to paid subscriptions under the Performance Partners Program.

Apple announced its planned paid podcast subscription system for the redesigned Podcasts last month. The company announced that it has launched a new program that will allow a person or organization to earn commissions when converting one of the contributors into a paid subscriber as part of a new partnership.

Making money from Apple Podcasts

Apple plans to roll out the paid subscription feature to the general public later this month. Although the feature has not been released yet, the company has announced a new program linked to the feature.

The company’s new affiliate program: “Once approved for the program, we will give you a unique affiliate token. This is a short alphanumeric character string that you will add to all your Apple Podcast links. This symbol is unique to you, centralizes all podcast revenue generated from these affiliate links, and with third-party link tracking services. When one of your listeners clicks on these links and becomes a paid subscriber, you will receive affiliate commission on all podcast-related subscription purchases made within 30 days. ” He explains with the expressions.


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