Apple from Cupertino started suing concept designers. So, on what grounds is the tech giant suing designers?


Apple came up with an interesting event today. Tech giant Apple has turned to local law firms around the world to sue its concept designers. Well, the giant from Cupertino is preparing to sue the designers on what grounds.

Uncomfortable with Apple concept photos and videos

As you know, most of the concept videos and photos represent the final product. Apple is suing for exactly this reason. Apple says the leaks of its new products have damaged its brand’s reputation. Specifically, Apple is said to be preparing to sue designer Jermaine Smit, known under the alias Concept Creator. In recent years, Jermaine Smit has leaked many unreleased products from Apple and other companies. In fact, this designer has released images and a video of the iPhone 13 Pro this week.

LetsGoDigital, which partnered with Concept Creator, contacted Amsterdam-based law firm Hofhuis Alkema Groen Advocaten for further clarification. In this case, especially the published renders of AirPods Max are mentioned. Such content harms the company. It also makes it impossible for Apple to surprise customers with new product announcements. Apple demands that Jermaine immediately cease his malicious activities.

“If this request is not met, Apple is ready to take any legal action necessary to protect its interests,” the letter sent to the designer said. The fact that the statements are included shows how determined Apple is on this issue.

After this letter, Jermaine Smith explained that the images of AirPods Max and other devices were created by him based on information found for free on the Internet.

Apple runs its business very tightly and puts a lot of effort into maintaining the design of its new products. However, not a single Apple product has appeared on the market that has not previously leaked to the Network. The company works with many suppliers. Therefore, the risk of leakage is always very high. So here it is not the designer’s fault, but the suppliers’ employees who leak new products.

Jermaine Smith on the subject; “The letter from Apple took me by surprise. Because I don’t see myself as a distributor of information. I just want to create 3D concepts and develop with it. Now I have to think about how to deal with this future.” used the phrase. How will this case turn out? If it happens as Apple wants, we may not see render images again.


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