In the tension between America and China, former president Donald Trump pressured Apple to move production from China. Trump is gone, but his policy seems to be still in place. Apple has started moving iPhone and iPad production outside of China, according to Nikkei News. Vietnam is expected to begin iPad production in the middle of this year. The report also mentions that the iPhone 12 will begin production in India this quarter.



Prior to this, Indian media had reported that Apple was planning to assemble the iPhone 12 smartphone lineup in India and that smartphones labeled “Made in India” are ready to be launched. The report also mentions that Wistron will begin production of the new iPhone 12 in Bangalore.

Wistron, which has an investment plan of approximately $ 40 million, also wants to recruit 10,000 employees for the new factory. The plant is expected to be fully operational by October this year, with around 1,000 workers currently on duty.

Apple is currently producing smartphones such as the 6S, XR and the new SE 2020 in India. Sources say Apple is expanding local production as it hopes to reduce the iPhone’s reliance on China. At the same time, it seems unlikely that iPhone production in India will lead to lower prices for buyers. However, companies pay significantly lower taxes for local production.

The report also claims that Apple is preparing a new monitor. Apple will not change the design of Apple’s XDR and will start selling more suitable monitors. Probably this screen will also be produced outside of China.

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It is not a good sign that Apple has started withdrawing from China. Most of Apple’s production line was in China. The withdrawal of Apple could adversely affect China’s economy.


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