Apple launched today (22) the CarKey feature, which will allow you to use the iPhone to unlock the car, replacing the conventional physical key. The function is one of the novelties presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 (WWDC), the company’s traditional annual developer conference, which this year will only have an online version, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The feature, which will also be available on the Apple Watch, works through the NFC technology present in the Apple gadgets, in addition to using the Wallet application to perform the pairing procedure between the device and the vehicle.

After pairing the phone or smart watch with the car’s NFC reader, which may be on the handle or elsewhere, the user is asked to authenticate to the car manufacturer’s app with Face ID or Touch ID to open the door.

The owner will have the possibility to share the digital version of the car key with other people, via iMessage, when lending the vehicle to a family member or friend, for example. In these cases, it will not be necessary to create an extra configuration for each person and he will maintain total control of access, and may even block it at any time.

New BMW 5 Series debuts CarKey

The first car compatible with the Apple CarKey will be the BMW 5 Series 2021, a hybrid model that will launch in the coming weeks in the United States. In addition to the German automaker, other manufacturers must partner with the Cupertino giant to make the tool available soon.

The new digital key from Apple is part of iOS 14, also presented during the event, but will also reach iOS 13, via system update. Another detail is that the function should be compatible with the U1 chip in the future, offering a new form of connection between the gadgets and the car.


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