The leaked new information indicates that a brand new iPhone may arrive this year. The significant improvement was announced by the company’s CEO Tim Cook at the shareholders annual meeting.

It was learned that recently, the technology giant Apple held an annual shareholders meeting, and this meeting took a closer look at the performance of the company management last year. It is also stated that CEO Tim Cook shared some of Apple’s plans for the future.

At this meeting, the head of Apple, Cook, did not elaborate on exactly what to expect, but it is assumed he was talking about a design change and abandonment of the notch. In the new generation iPhones, the notch is expected to be reduced or removed completely. Because, China smartphone manufacturers have started to offer more compact solutions for notching for a while.

iPhone users happy development
After the launch of the iPhone 12 last year, various sources reported that Apple was testing a notchless iPhone 13 prototype. If this rumor is true and the results are acceptable, this frustrating situation for users can be a thing of the past.

Previous leaks were that Apple would call its new generation smartphones this year as iPhone 12s, not iPhone 13. Therefore, in next year’s iPhone models (12s), it is thought that the notch will be reduced and removed completely with the iPhone 13.


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