A few months have passed since Apple released iOS 14. All of the supported models also got this update where the company introduced major changes. Now, Apple makes iOS 14 even more stable with new versions. Of course, while doing these, he does not forget to close the old notebooks. Just like iOS 14.2 today.



Apple, which released the iOS 14.3 update in the past weeks, on the other hand, closed the signatures for the return to the old version. As you know, the newly released iOS 14.3 version brings many system optimizations and innovations. For example, for the iPhone 12 Pro model, it offers proRaw support. This is the feature that the company brought to its new generation phone surprisingly. If we talk about the previous iOS 14.2, this version brought many innovations. E.g; Like support for a number of new emojis, wallpapers and HomePod intercom functionality. The later version of iOS 14.2.1 was completely addressing the problems. Especially the iPhone 12 series.


Reverts to versions before iOS 14.3 canceled

Now Apple has closed reverts to the previous 14.2 versions, with the release of 14.3. Users could revert to the old versions until today. However, after today, the return to versions before iOS 14.3 has been canceled. It would be better to wait for future releases instead of looking back now.


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