Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak made striking statements about Bitcoin again. Wozniak thinks Bitcoin is a much better investment than gold. Wozniak, one of Apple’s inventors, describes Bitcoin as a “mathematical miracle”.



American electronics engineer and philanthropist Steve Wozniak highlighted Bitcoin’s mathematical significance. He went even further, saying that the primary cryptocurrency is better than Bitcoin.
Steve, who is also the co-founder of tech giant Apple, drew attention to his sympathy for digital assets and especially Bitcoin at a recent presentation at Talent Land Jalisco, Mexico.

Gold or Bitcoin?

According to Wozniak, gold lags behind virtual assets as a store of value. Wozniak argued that while gold can pose challenges due to its physical form, Bitcoin is much more accessible:
Despite this, Apple’s co-founder also shared that he does not personally invest in Bitcoin.

He believes that Bitcoin will increase its nominal value and influence in the future. As such, Wozniak has joined some of his like-minded leading celebrities in the debate between gold and Bitcoin. These include Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy and Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital, who recently thought cryptocurrencies were superior to the yellow metal.

Wozniak sued YouTube in the summer of 2020 for failing to take action to distribute fake BTC giveaways. Apple’s co-founder has invited the video-sharing platform to remove fake videos several times before taking these legal actions.

Scammers start live streams on YouTube by impersonating famous people or companies and offer users to double all BTC funds they send to their address. Thus, fraudulent activities are on the rise.

Almost a year after taking legal action against YouTube, Wozniak said he lost the case. The California Supreme Court has stated that the video-sharing platform YouTube is protected by federal law.

The court also found that Wozniak’s arguments were not sufficient to circumvent the immunity afforded by Article 230. However, the Apple co-founder had 30 days to review his case. Steve Wozniak isn’t the only celebrity to be spoofed in such scams. Some of the other famous names impersonated by bad actors were Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Kanye West.


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