With a total volume of $ 2.3 billion, Apple Watch shared half of the entire revenue of the market. Huawei ranks second in terms of market share. Samsung is the third.

Apple, which has never entered the wristband concept in the wearable device market and continues its path only with the Apple Watch, continues to lead both the wearable device and the smart watch market. Third quarter figures did not change either.

Leading in the third quarter
According to the market research conducted by Counterpoint Research; In the third quarter, smart watch sales grew by 6 percent with the impact of the pandemic. After a long break in terms of sales, China again surpassed America and became the market leader.

Avatar One of every 10 smart watches sold is Samsung, three are Apple.
Apple maintained its lead with 28 percent in the third quarter, up 2 points compared to the same period last year. Huawei is followed by 15 percent market share. Samsung is third with 10 percent market share. Although Oppo and Realme are sub-brands, BBK Holding is in the market with its own Imoo brand and has a 7 percent share.

In terms of revenue, it is stated that Apple has earned 2.3 billion dollars and reached 50 percent of the entire market revenue. There was an 18 percent increase in revenues compared to last year. Apple’s selling high-priced products is the biggest factor in this. Samsung has also managed to increase its revenues by 59 percent.

Another noteworthy development in the report is that children’s smart watches are on the rise. Child watches with certain features in terms of parental tracking attract attention. It is possible to see many products under different brands in our country.


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