The deliberate slowdown cases filed against Apple are finally over. The cases that lasted for years and branched and ended up with Apple’s agreement with the court. Under the deal, Apple will pay $ 25 to iPhone users on certain models.

US-based tech giant Apple has been in trouble for a long time due to iPhones. Because the company was deliberately slowing down old-fashioned smartphones. While the assertion was true, Apple explained that such a situation really exists, but it is not a deliberate slowdown. This condition, called “Batterygate”, meant performing performance control on old iPhone models and ensuring system stability in this way.

After Apple accepted the Batterygate incident, huge lawsuits were filed. According to consumers, this was “one of the biggest consumer frauds in history.” Now the final conclusion is reached in the US lawsuits against Apple. Apple has agreed to pay $ 25 to all users whose iPhone slowdown process. However, let’s state in advance that this applies only to consumers in the USA.

Court deal to explode Apple to about $ 500 million

Apple’s $ 25 payments to consumers will cost between $ 310 and $ 500 million. However, Apple is already willing to pay this price. Because the accusations of consumers and branching of cases would eventually cost Apple a higher cost. As such, the technology giant can easily revive $ 500 million.

According to the agreement, owners of iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE models in the USA (provided that they worked on iOS 10.2.1 and later) and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (provided that they worked on iOS 11.2 and later) Will be able to request money from Apple.

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Refunds can be made through a website created.

Apple has created a special website for users to pay for. IPhone owners accessing this website can have information about whether they are involved in this process and alternative solutions offered by Apple. In addition, a user will be able to apply for a $ 25 refund request using this website. Apple says that all requests will be collected by October 6, 2020, and applications after that date will not be accepted.

By the way, the acceptance of this agreement by Apple does not mean that the company accepts deliberate slowdown claims. The company has already completely rejected the allegations made in the court process. However, such a solution was found because the process was too long. In other words, the problems experienced by users were not this kind of deliberate slowdown according to Apple, but rather the improvement. This event, whatever happened, was stolen as a black stain on Apple’s history.


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