The latest iOS 14.5 beta version released recently revealed that Apple is working on a Power Bank that uses the MagSafe wireless charging protocol for the iPhone 12.

Apple’s recently released iOS 14.5 beta 2 version revealed that the company is working on a new accessory that uses the MagSafe wireless charging protocol.

It looks like Apple is preparing to launch a Power Bank for the iPhone 12 series based on MagSafe technology. The power bank will be magnetically connected to the smartphone.

May be introduced in March
It is stated that MagSafe Power Bank, whose name is not clear yet, will keep the charge level of the iPhone at 90 percent in order to increase the charging efficiency and extend the battery life.

It is unclear when the new MagSafe accessory, discovered by Twitter user Steve Moser, will be released. However, it is said that it will be announced in March with the updated iPad Pro.


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