Apple has become the clear leader in smartwatch sales, well behind Samsung and Xiaomi. Let’s take a look at last quarter sales.


When the first generation Apple Watch was introduced in 2016, many of us could not have predicted that the balances in the smart watch competition would change so much. Considering today’s sales, Apple has achieved great success by selling almost the same number of smartwatches as all its competitors. According to the last quarter data, Apple has doubled Samsung and tripled Xiaomi.

Looking at the latest report published by IDC for the European market, Apple is the leader by far, selling 7.8 million Apple Watches as of the second quarter. It seems unlikely that Apple, which has been the leading brand of the industry for a long time, will easily lose its position here. As for the market share; Apple holds 35.6% of the smartwatch market in the old continent.

Samsung ranks second in the list with a 16.1% market share. Preparing to announce its new smart watch series in the coming days, Samsung’s watch sales in the quarter we left behind were recorded as 3.5 million.

Chinese companies rank third, fourth and fifth on the list. Xiaomi, which has sold 2.5 million watches, shows a decrease of 2.4% compared to last year. Huawei, on the other hand, does not feel the sharp decline in the phone market after the US embargo in the smart watch category. The company, which sold 1.4 million watches, seems to have increased its sales by 9% compared to last year. Huami, which achieved the most significant growth, is in the fifth place of the list and has increased its sales by 105% compared to last year.


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