Always being cautious about privacy, Google collects all the data of its users. When you enter Google or use a Google product, the fact that all your data is on Google has annoyed Apple. That’s why Apple has rolled up its sleeves to eliminate Google with the iOS 14.5 update. So how does Apple’s new security system work?



iOS 14.5 update will upset Google

As you know, when you search from Safari browser (if the default search engine is Google), the searches are made directly from Google. So Apple cannot take any action at this point. With the new update in beta phase, Apple said, “Eyy Google! Who are you! ” and directs all the traffic itself.

Apple comes into play in searches made via Google via a proxy and the technology giant from Cupertino provides secure connection. This feature, which will be available to everyone at the end of March, will be optional. In other words, the user will be able to search directly with Google guidance.

Apple’s new privacy feature will only work in the Safari browser. So if you are using a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera, you will not be able to use this feature even if you turn it on. Our recommendation to iPhone owners will be to use the Safari browser for safety, less battery consumption and stability on their phones.

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It looks like Apple will again be the winner in the privacy battle between Apple and Google. Let’s see if there will be an answer from the Google front to Apple’s forwarding feature with a proxy.


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