Maxell, previously known for the patent lawsuits filed against Apple, filed a lawsuit with 12 patent infringement claims under 7 different headings.

Other lawsuits filed by the company against Apple are also ongoing.

Japanese electronics maker Maxell sued Apple, accusing it of infringing 12 patents, citing FaceTime and photographic features of iPhone, iPad and other hardware. Maxell also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in 2019 and 2020.

Patent lawsuit from Maxell against Apple once again
Maxell sued Apple for 10 patent infringements in March 2019 and 5 patent infringements in July 2020, respectively. The court gave the company the opportunity to review Apple’s source code in the summer of 2020. The new patent lawsuit likely stems from this leave the court gave Maxell. Other lawsuits filed by the company against Apple are still under review.

Maxell filed 12 patent cases under 7 different titles on February 19. Some of these titles are:

Communication Apparatus for Transmitting and Receiving Digital Information to Another Communication Device
Multiplexed audio data decoding apparatus and receiving apparatus
Display device and method for checking white balance
Wireless handset and positioning system
The company sought compensation from the court that Apple had infringed all patents and for this, consistent with the lost profit at interest and costs, and in no case less than a reasonable royalty.


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